How to improve the quality of your conversations when selling, collaborating and teaching
Discover Immersive Communication with Inside Reality
Thursday December 3rd, 11:00 AM CET
Wondering how you can get a sense of space and presence in your work, now that more projects shift online?
We came up with a surprisingly simple way to do that – and you have almost everything you need already!

Immersive Collaboration uses VR without glasses. 

It puts you and your colleagues right at the center of all relevant content, 3D, 2D or otherwise. 

By upgrading existing meeting rooms or office spaces into versatile immersive workrooms, you can get a life-size sense of reality you can use for presenting, teaching or collaborating. 

From architecture to manufacturing and retail, complex ideas are communicated with higher quality when they can be emotionally experienced.
Webinar - Immersive Communication with Inside Reality
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What you will learn during this webinar
  • What is Immersive Collaboration
  • How does it add value to your projects
  • Best practices from various industries 
  • How you can get started
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Samuel spent the last 13 years delivering digital solutions to companies and helped them with digital transformation and strategy.
Engineer, Scientist, Artist and Entrepreneur, Chris has 35+ experience creating successful IT products and services. He spent 25+ years in senior and executive positions at leading international hard- and software companies, such as Silicon Graphics (SGI), Obtree, Esmertec, E2E and One Inside. Pioneer in Virtual Reality since the mid-90s, passionate advocate of interactive 3D Visualization and Remote Collaboration using low cost Display Technology and the Web.
The webinar will be fully recorded, so if you can't make the date and time, as long as you register a place you'll get a full recording straight after!
Webinar - Immersive Communication with Inside Reality